Marketing Research Assignment

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My topic is Marketing Playstation 4

Marketing and Marketing Technologies (such as Mobile Apps and Web 2.0 technologies) have had a dramatic impact on the flow of information, effective communication, the Four P’s, and other functions of marketing. I would like each of you to spend the next several weeks investigating a Marketing Campaign, Marketing Case Study, Marketing Theory, Marketing Principle, Marketing Philosophy, Marketing Technologies, OR a specific Marketing Technique.

Choose any topic of interest related to Marketing. The choice is yours, choose wisely. Selecting a topic that is of interest to you may make this assignment easier to swallow, or perhaps advance your position at work, or make you a more attractive candidate for hire. Be sure to choose a topic that allows you to accumulate adequate data to support your position. Get creative and try to choose a topic that will be interesting to you, valuable to the class, and have importance to the marketing community. The more interesting your selected topic is, the less this assignment will feel like homework and the more interest you will have in researching and writing about it. Choose wisely!

The paper:
Please investigate a marketing topic of your choice. Then, after you have a good idea of your topic, please become very familiar with it. Read a lot about it! Become an expert relative to the specific topic you have selected. I recommend that you choose a specific topic and do not select a general topic. This suggestion may help you craft your written report. This, however, is just a suggestion, and not a requirement.

After you have selected your specific topic, and gained vast expertise with that topic, please write a professional research paper describing your research and how it would be useful to marketers. It is ok, and encouraged, to include your interpretation and critical analysis of your topic. Be sure to cite several outside sources that support your claims and argument. But you must remain formal and professional.

The content:

1) Title page

2) Abstract page

3) Three pages of writing

4)Reference page

Please cite a minimum of four references. (This is a research paper, not an article review.) References may include journal articles from refereed journals, journal articles from popular press, books, newspaper articles, or websites. However, at least one of your cited sources must come from an academically refereed journal article.

Please use APA formatting! You will be penalized if you do not have perfect APA formatting. To see examples of APA, please see:

The Presentation:

After researching, gaining expertise, and writing about your selected marketing topic, please present your findings to the class. Your presentation should be a comprehensive and professional presentation. You presentation should NOT be a cut and paste of your paper! We will already have a copy of your paper. Your presentation should be an informative and succinct encapsulation of your research. The format of your presentation should be a technologically enhanced formal class presentation. The presentation time for your presentation should be approximately 10 minutes. Your presentation can include a demonstration if appropriate. Word for word reading will damage your presentation grade. You are expected to engage (and/or involve) the audience.

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