Class Presentation of Case Conceptualization (must be written out as if you did it for real) 

Prepare and present role play counseling session with student partner. Each student will be paired with another student, and each student will serve as the client and the counselor. When role playing the counselor the student will address elements related to the client: 

· Psychosocial information on client

· DSM-5 diagnosis

· Demonstrate the theoretical approach used with the client and discuss the rationale for selecting this approach

· Demonstrate ethical practice, e.g. informed consent

· Issues related to diversity 

· Treatment plan with operationally defined goals

· Treatment strategies/interventions to be utilized

· Prognosis and after-care recommendations for client Each role play session should be at least 20 minutes in length so that the characteristics of the diagnosis can be presented and so that the counseling theory can be demonstrated. Each student will be prepared to conduct a class discussion related to the role play and ask a minimum of three questions related to role play/case conceptualization. 

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