Use the article and other related articles to write about this topic for each section 1 to 5; “Juniors officers’ additional insights in promoting environmental regulation compliance in Ghana mining sectors.”

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Ahorbo (2014) indicated that more study needs to be done on how Junior officers provide additional insight into compliance with EPA regulations in Ghana mining sectors.


  • Problem statement;
  • Purpose statement.
  • Significant
  • Framework;
  • Nature of study (use qualitative method)
  • Possible types and source of data;
  • Research questions; (for the following research questions, rephrase each of the three questions with your own words and explain each with two sentences)

Please, for the “significant” section, make sure the format looks like this example;

A significant amount of literature exists on why people buy single-family homes (Jones, 2017; Brown, 2016; Greene, 2015). One of the first scholars to study homeownership was Edwards (1950, 1951, 1954). Blake (1990, 2000, 2015) and Shoemaker (1989, 1991) were two of the leading authors theorizing about home ownership in the suburbs. Johnson (2013) also addressed the flight from the inner city to rural America. Williams (2013) and Jordan (2014) wrote extensively on why people purchase megahomes (extremely large and luxurious house). However, downscaling from standard-sized houses to tiny homes is a recent phenomenon (Black, 2014). Tiny homes are living structures of less than 300 square feet (Howard, 2015). Jones (2017) found that little information exists on why individuals and families are opting to live in tiny houses. Mason (2017) believes more research is needed to understand the motivation behind this phenomenon. Understanding the motivation of purchasing tiny homes will help the housing industry adjust to this new trend (Littlejohn, 2017). Smith (2016) found that financial institutions are reluctant to loan money to individuals to buy tiny homes as their primary dwelling because of the impractically of the size over a long period of time. This study seeks to understand the motivation of individuals who purchase tiny homes.

  • What is the role of organizational culture in promoting employee compliance with EPA regulations and standards with additional insights provided by Junior officers?
  • What is the company-related significance of Junior officers’ insights into compliance
  • What are some of the principal elements which enhance workers compliance with EPA

with EPA regulations and standards?

regulations and standards?

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