Monitoring Systems
Company : Petbarn
Structure of the Report:
8 to 10 pages in length.
The length specified does not include references and appendices.
The report should have the following sections.
INTRODUCTION. Introduction to monitoring systems and the development of indicators in general. In this section you should review the literature on the characteristics of good monitoring systems and the features that contribute to effective indicators. This part of the report should be in essay form but it may be useful to use a Table or tables to summaries indicator characteristics.(2-4pages)
THE ENTERPRISE. Description of the enterprise. This part of the report should be in essay form (1-2 pages). Illustration optional.
SUSTAINABILITY DIMENSIONS. Consider the 3 sustainability dimensions as they apply to this enterprise. In this section students should identify and describe the range of socio-cultural, economic and environmental dimensions that apply to the operation of the chosen enterprise and explain how each is relevant. Some dimensions may apply more to specific enterprises but some treatment of all three dimensions for all enterprises is required. This part of the report should be in essay form. (2-3 pages).SPECIFIC SUSTAINABILITY AREA. Next select ONE (1) of the three areas( economic, environmental or socio-cultural) (needs only to be stated at the top of the next section -no pages required)
LIST AND ASSESSMENT OF INDICATORS FOR MONITORING. Develop and present a list of indicators to monitor this one specific dimension. The description of each indicator must include what the indicator is, how it will be measured and reported and any limitations or challenges associated with it. It is likely to be an effective use of space to incorporate the required information in an initial one page summary Table using the columns: Indicator name, its definition, its measurement, key challenges/limitations and then base the essay discussion around the points in this Table (2-3 further pages).REFERENCES. References (APA style). These pages are not counted as a part of the 8-10 pages.

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