ake a moment to view the following videos, which discuss the effects of music on the brain:

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  1. Does Music Make Kids Smarter?
  2. Health Matters: Music and the Mind

Consider the following scenario:

You are friends with a family who has a 5-year-old son named Howard. 
Howard loves coming to school gets along with well other children. He
has a positive attitude about learning and is persistent when facing
challenges. His favorite thing about school is music time.  He loves to
sing and dance.  During center time, he plays with instruments and
listens to music on head phones.  His school also has a music teacher,
and Howard is learning how to play the piano.  Howard was recently
diagnosed with a learning disability and his cognitive and language
development appears delayed.  His parents want to put him in an
academically focused program that does not include music education. They
feel that this type of experience does not address his special learning
needs and that more time must be spent on academics in order to bring
him up to grade level. What advice do you give Howard’s parents?  In
your answer, discuss developmental milestones for this age group and
cite research regarding the effect of music education and experience on
the cognitive development of young children.

You may refer to the national standards for Arts education, ArtsEdge, Standards, or any other state standards you would like.

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