Choose 5 concepts from the textbook or class notes

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• Need at least 3 different kinds of sources

– For example:

• • • • • • • •

One article from Time Magazine
One cut out article from the newspaper
The movie ” The Breakfast Club”- (a popular example) One articles from

One article from a parenting magazine One TV show
One Book
One Album

Media Portfolio Overview

  • At the top of each entry you need to include:
  • 1. One Source (where you got the media entry from)
  • 2. Relevant concept and chapter (What concept you chose from the textbook/class notes and the chapter it relates to)
  • 3. Likely demographics of readership (Who would read this form of media?)

Media Portfolio Overview

  • One section needs to summarize the chosen media– One good meaty paragraph, 4-5 sentences
  • The next section needs to summarize the topic youchose from the class content/notes/textbook– One good meaty paragraph, 4-5 sentences
  • The final section needs to summarize how the concept from class relates/differs from the chosen media– One good meaty paragraph, 4-5 sentences
  • Each section needs to be proofread, usually adding upto a total of around one page!
  • ALSO! Include a table of contents- listing the 5 entries, which chapters they are from, and title or media form

Media Portfolio Overview

  • Youneedtoincludetheoriginalarticles/cutouts/print outs/etc
  • Using a movie or tv showinclude a picture of the movie from google images/IMDB
  • Each entry is worth 10 points = 50 points
  • Points will be allocated for RELEVANCE, creativity,

overall effort, writing, and breadth of topics covered

– You will have points deducted if you repeat chapters for the 5 entries

• Havefunwiththisassignment!It’saneasy50points! You’ll be surprised how many developmental psychological concepts are in the media =)

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