On Chapter 3 (reading assignment for this week) of “On Religion”, John Caputo discusses religious themes in
movies in the context of contemporary high-tech environments in which new generations live. He discusses
films like Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and how it tells (retells) the story of Virgin Mary [what he calls the
impossible]. On page 79, he writes,
“Far from serving as a vehicle for debunking religion or
exposing it as pre-scientific superstition, the enormous popularity
of Star Wars over the years derives in no small part from its
reproduction of elemental mythic structures and its transcription
of classical religious figures into a high-tech world.” (p. 79, par i)
I want you to think about the notion of “impossible” as Caputo discuses and also how Martin Scorsese presents
it in “The Last Temptations of Christ” (movie viewing assignment for this week) and discuss the similarities and
differences between the movie and Caputo’s writing. Be sure and cite excerpts from the book and scenes from
the film to support the points you make.

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