ou will be writing a 2000‐word report in three parts, as follows:

Part 1: Analyse the scenario of the public health leader, presented in the Australian public health context using the Australian Health Leadership Framework [ 1000 words ]

(Australian Health Leadership Framework: https://www.aims.org.au/documents/item/352 ) Part 2: Undertake a self‐assessment using the Leadership self‐assessment tool [ 500 words ] NHSLeadership‐Framework SelfAssessmentTool.pdf .

Apply the tool to obtain your results. (The tool is not automatic – you need to apply it honestly)




Learning Outcomes

This assessment addresses the following learning outcomes:

1. Critique theories, styles, approaches and strategies of

leadership in public health

2. Analyse the influence of diversity on leadership

(gender, culture, professional discipline and


3. Evaluate personal leadership strengths and areas for

improvement through analysis of public health leadership frameworks



Total Marks


Part 3: Imagine yourself to be in the situation. Reflect on your leadership style, its strengths, and apply them to this scenario. How would you have responded to the situation based on the self‐evaluation in part 2? Where do you see the gaps in your profile? Prepare an action plan. [500 words]

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