Select a country from the following list and research the political
history and the religious history of the country from the last twenty

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  • Japan
  • North Korea
  • Iraq
  • Syria
  • Afghanistan
  • Egypt

Write an essay in which you include the following:

  • Analyze the ways in which government and religion interact with each
    other. What influence does one have over the other? Please provide two
    specific examples.
  • Discuss the significance of religion and government on other
    characteristics of the country’s culture such as in literature, music,
    and art. Please provide two specific examples.

    • What influences and impacts of religion and politics do you see on
      the social and business aspect of the country? Please provide two
      specific examples.
  • How do you think recent events affecting the people of the
    country have their roots in what you have learned about historical
    cultural trends in religion and government?

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