Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the theme of everyday life in the curious incident of the dog in the night-time. Haddon provides an informative piece that explains the nature of life. The author emphasizes the theme of everyday life by insisting that individuals should live pleasurable lives, adjust to changes and be satisfied with their abilities. Therefore, he observes that humans should not worry about the future since it has the capacity of making their lives uncomfortable. This paper examines concepts explored by the theme of everyday life in the article. Christopher’s story signifies that life is associated with Christopher provides a typical example of everyday life. hence, society can use his story to understand the theme of everyday life. Christopher’s story signifies that life is associated with suffering and humanity can only enjoy their pursuit after overcoming the challenges presented by life. This is seen in a game he plays with his father, thus, “You don’t have to say anything, not right now. You just have to think about it. And, um. . . I’ve got you a present. To show you that I really mean what I say. And to say sorry. And because. . . well, you’ll see what I mean” (Haddon 151). The above statement also indicates that Christopher’s life is characterized by grave challenges, which he works tirelessly to overcome. He faces challenges that distort his effort of attaining his desires. Therefore, the author provides a guideline for overcoming life challenges by noting that individuals need to think about their conditions as seen in the quote above (Haddon 23). Importantly, the author indicates that the consequence of endurance is a success. Consequently, Haddon does not take life’s challenges negatively, but he considers them as building blocks, which humanity can use to enhance success. For instance, Christopher accepts his condition and utilizes his reduced ability to resolve serious dilemmas. This approach makes him realize tremendous achievements that make society assume that he as a mysterious character.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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