You will prepare and submit a term paper on Population and Migration Escalating Fertility Levels in Australia. Your paper should be a minimum of 1500 words in length. This is one of the reasons that the lump sum maternity payment was devised, at least it is one of the reasons many females perceive it for coming into existence (Bittman 1997).

Although there are many Australian women who find the baby bonus appealing and think it is fair there are just as many who believe it to be unfair. Those who do not see it as a positive influence do not believe that it will make that much of a difference in the swell of childbirths taking place within the country. Further, there are some mothers who believe that this type of aid from the Australian government is questionable and don’t really see any true and long-lasting benefits stemming from it. These women claim that because of their doubts the bonus will not encourage them to have any more children than what they had previously planned on having to begin with (Hinman 1998). Many sociologists who have studied the changes that this bonus and other welfare assistance programs have brought depict an analysis of it that shows it as being unfair and seriously flawed, and not wholly beneficial to all women, especially those who need it the most (Hinman 1998).

Yet unfortunately, many of the mentioned strategies were adopted in England and not Australia. However, there are Migrant Resource Centre’s (MRC) located in Victoria which provide ‘information and support to migrants and refugees in many community languages, they also provide contact with other organizations and services in the area’ (Chadwick 1994). The MRC also help community groups apply for funding and grants, therefore providing the possibility for those out in the community who wish to create a strategy, such as the English language course, to help create that equality in the maternity and post-natal health care system.&nbsp. When all of these resources come together than it can more feasibly be said to be contributing to the growing baby boom in the country.&nbsp. Still, this is more focused on the young people rather than older women who still remain questions about how well the government programs actually work to assist women of childbearing ages.&nbsp.

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