This was why ancient civilizations had different approaches to death, and some tried to be immortal, such as the ancient Egyptians who mummified their dead in hopes of everlasting life. Death should be viewed as a part of life, and the beginning of another life, even a cause for celebration. Death is a Great Equalizer because rich and poor people, young and the old, and the high and the mighty all succumb to death. It is a topic that many people avoid to contemplate because it is morbid.

Death can be viewed in many ways, from vastly different perspectives. The man has always struggled with the eternal question of death and most sought refuge and assurance in religions. It is because death is unavoidable, no matter how a person tries and most fearfully, it also comes in unexpected ways and in a manner or time that is unpredictable. One can merely delay death but not entirely eliminate it. This brief paper tries to discuss the many aspects of death and dying in a logical and intelligent manner as propounded in “The Art of Dying” by Patricia Weenolsen. The idea is to be enlightened on this topic and why people should confront death squarely.

Although death is unavoidable, people do not know exactly when it will come. This is what the old saw says about it being “like a thief in the night” and that being so, the only way to see it and face it is to be prepared for it, for any eventuality. The “Art of Dying” talks about how people can prepare for it in many ways at different levels, so to speak, and the earlier, the better. Some people go to great lengths about how they will face death, such as dying with dignity and a fierce determination to put everything in order before they finally kick the bucket. This analysis is a critical review of the book from the viewpoint of the dying person and how to do it.

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