The assessment is in two parts: a group presentation and individual report.

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Company of choice: Oman LAG (website:

Task 1:

Group Presentation, you will choose a real organization (Oman LNG) to use as a case study. Your group task is to give a professional business presentation which proposes a credible HRD strategy based on your analysis of the current organizational context of your case study.

My part is:

People Issues > contemporary issues “skill”: how attract talents?- how develop talents?

*Talk in general about the labor market/talent or skills market is it loose or tight.

Some information from the company itself (Oman LNG) on how they attract talent:

  • By its outstanding rewarding system for instance paying (120%) more than the market and its competitors.
  • Health insurance covering full local and international, the family of the employee (husband or wife, mother, father, all children including step child’s).
  • Pension facilities.
  • Family work environment
  • Fast development opportunities
  • Free of interest home, car and personal loans
  • Free further education
  • Free renewal of passport, ID card and license
  • Full package as business class for internal and external travels
  • Employee development and growth
  • 3000 Rial Omani per year for children school fees and many other benefits.
  • Develop talents by giving them the opportunity of open door policy to express their growth needs.

Note: this part should not be more than 3 slides + reference slide

Task 2:

Individual Reflective, each individual in the group will submit a synopsis of the presentation in report format. The reflective report requires you to reflect on the part you presented in group presentation and demonstrate how you will use the learning gained to enhance your future performance. (1,500 words).


  • Give a clear list of all your references, although these should also be cited throughout your presentation, to show how and where they apply.Use Harvard style Individual Synopsis Report
  • Use the same headings as those in your presentation.

• This is a business report so use bullet points etc. but make sure you also write in full sentences – do not just reproduce the slide contents as you need to demonstrate your own individual understanding of what the group has produced.

• Ensure you reference throughout using Harvard style.

  • 0% plagiarism.

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