Public health communication campaigns are credited with helping raise awareness of health issues while influencing social norms and behaviors. These campaigns have resulted in changes such as tobacco use prevention and statistical declines in tobacco use. Public health communication campaigns also warn of risk, encourage emergency preparedness, and help prevent sexually transmitted infections or other infectious diseases such as Ebola, measles, or the Zika virus. Effective public health campaigns benefit from financial funding streams, organizational support, evaluation outcomes, and sustainability planning.
Assuming the role of a public health professional, you will outline a health communications campaign that will target a specific segment of the general public. You will choose an organization with whom you would partner, as well as the audience that you and the organization will target. You are required to complete the following:
» Plan for a media and public education campaign for a sponsor or organization working with a particular community on a health topic/issue.
» Communications plan including messaging, budget, and project timeline.
» Creative brief summarizing all planned interventions.
» Script or storyboard for a public service announcement following industry standards.
Part 3 – Creative Deliverable 1. Create a script for a 60-to-90 second radio ad OR a storyboard for a television commercial of the same length to serve as a public service announcement (PSA).
» You may want to use the following resources to guide you as you develop your creative piece:
» All About Public Service Announcements
» Public Service Announcements
» What Exactly is a PSA
» SB203 Hearing: Dr. Harold Goldstein April 2015

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