I need some assistance with these assignment. recalls on vehicles at ford motor company Thank you in advance for the help! Ford is one such automobile company, whose name has been associated with a significant number of recalls in the recent times. The aim of this paper is to make use of online available data to shed light on the number of recalls, reasons associated with them, steps taken by the company to rectify the mistakes and results that these measures have yielded so far.

This study will help analyze the causes for mishaps that occur in the automobile manufacturing process at ford. The analysis of the various recalls and reasons for each will highlight aspects that need to be focused upon while processing a product. The analysis will yield a general consensus area that ford, as a company, lacks in and how the company’s strategic decision making should be focused upon strengthening their weak links. The central problem of this paper is related to the significant amount of automobile recalls by the Ford Company in the recent years which hints at its weakness in certain areas of production.

The study is important due to its implications in the company, customers and stakeholders equally. By studying the reasons for product recalls, the company’s weak points can be analyzed, helping the company focus on areas that need to be strengthened to curtail further recall incidents. As customers, an insight regarding the problems that ford automobiles can be accompanied with gives them a heads-up regarding what to expect. The company’s dedication towards rectifying their vehicle mishaps through recalls also reflects its intention to provide the best and protect its customers from possible hazards. As stakeholders of the company, the growing number of recalls is a warning sign that reflects the company’s lack of strategic focus upon offering up-to-mark vehicles to the customers.

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