writing a RFP response that include

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  1. Compose a Cover Letter
  2. Cover all contractual parameters via a Specifications Sheet
  3. Include a Creative Property Clause (see “The Value of Ideas” http://
  4. Insert an Event Cover
  5. Write an Event Description
  6. Display Renderings/Floor Plans
  7. Construct a Budget as part of Investment Page
  8. Include Obligations of Purchaser and Terms and Conditions (you can

    copy these from online. Don’t re-create the wheel for these.)
  9. Don’t forget your “I Love Me” Page and Qualifications &
    (tell us about you and “your company” – what successes have you had?

    What other events have you planned? What certifications and qualifications do you have?)

10.Demonstrate your creativity when describing your method for
Delivering the Proposal

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