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The textbook reading in “Called to Care: A Christian Worldview of Nursing” has been interesting and disappointing to me. I am surprised to read such a biased textbook. The premise so far that I can tell, has led me to believe the author’s belief is that a nurse is not a good nurse unless she/he is a Christian. That atheists are not moral people, so therefore cannot make good nurses. This is seen in this sentence: “For just as Florence Nightingale observed that the common people in her day were becoming atheists and thereby losing their basis for ethical be-havior, nurses today are affected by the philosophies of our time.” (Shelly & Miller, 2001). I do not believe and will not accept the notion that atheists are not moral people. Just because someone has a different viewpoint than someone else’s religion, does not make them immoral. I’m greatly offended by this. For example, Bill Gates has started an organization with his wife Melinda to attack many world problems that poor people face. You can read about this organization at www.gatesfoundation.org. Their mission statement reads that they aim to assist people to access quality healthcare and a great education, empower the poorest: especially women and children, combat infectious disease, and inspire people to take action to change the world (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, 2019). By the way, they profess to be atheists. The statement in the textbook that atheist are not ethical, is like saying all Catholic priests molest little children. These stereotypes exist but have no place in the nursing profession. I know many atheist nurses and practitioners and they are some of the best humans I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with or even knowing.

As far as my view of analysis of disease and healings in the readings, I will say that a common theme emerges that by recognizing the spiritual side of suffering or illness, we can assist patients in their healthcare journey. If we see a patient struggling, we should reach out, help them by counseling them and finding out what they need, and refer accordingly.


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