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Project: Client System Role Play Reflection and Analysis Paper

After planning the script role play, how did it feel to walk in the shoes of a social worker? What insights did you gain from the experience? What aspects of this experience were challenging for you? Being able to recognize the areas where you were successful and the areas where you need improvement are what make role plays an important part of your social work education. Just as important is the opportunity to witness your colleagues demonstrating the same skills and techniques you are trying to master. This process allows you and your colleagues to learn from one another’s mistakes and successes, under the guidance of an expert in the field—your Instructor.   




THE ASSIGNMENT reflect on your experience in developing this role play video. Consider any insights you gained from the experience, as well as the challenges you might have experienced in its planning and execution. Think about the specific techniques you used and why you used them. Finally, review the videos your colleagues posted. Select one of those videos and consider any areas in which your colleague might improve his or her approach and why.


Written Assignment: (5–6 page APA-formatted paper):

Your written assignment should include:

·         A reflection on your experience in doing this role play.

·         An explanation of any insights you gained from the experience.

·         An explanation of the challenges you experienced in planning and executing the role play.

·         An explanation of the specific techniques you used and why you used them.

·         A brief description of the colleague’s role play video you selected.

·         A critique of what your colleague did well in the video you selected and an explanation of areas in which your colleague might improve his or her approach and why. 

Support your Assignment with specific references to the Resources. Be sure to provide full APA citations for your references.




 National Association of Social Workers. (2008). Code of ethics of the National Association of Social workers. Retrieved from Social Work Policy Institute. (2010).Evidence-based practice. Retrieved from: Singer, J. B. (Host). (2011, March 9). The process of evidence-based practice: An interview with Danielle E. Parish, Ph.D. [Audio podcast]. In Social Work Podcast. Retrieved from  










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