For this assignment you will develop a three page argument essay. You may use the research you found on Pro/Con
social media, or you may do more research on Google. If you use Pro/Con sources, you must document the originaal sources
found in the footnotes. You need four (4) sources for this essay.
To structure your essay you will use the Toulmin Essay structure.
First, decide what you want to prove in your essay. For example, do you believe social media is good for society?
think it is detrimental for individuals? Does social media have a therapeutic effect? Or do you have another idea about this
subject that you can prove with your research. Create a thesis statement.
If you need to brainstorm your topic and your thesis statement email me. We can brainstorm by email or meet in Conference
Also, you can log on to Smarthinking and brainstorm with a tutor. Remember a strong thesis statement is required fp
Second, watch this video to understand the Toulmin Model for essay writing.

After you have watched the video,
If you need more clarification of structure and ideas, navigate here:
(Links to an external site.)
Write your essay. Underline your thesis statement (claim.)





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