Please view the attachment for assignment details.

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-The assignment is 2500 words/10 pages excluding the title page.

-The topic is really up to you as long as it falls under the requirements and you can provide an outstanding argument out of it. The essay is 50% of my final grade, so it is really important for me to follow guidelines for format, the thesis and the overall writing.

-There are 16/17 sources for this assignment in total:

2 sources are the required ones from 2nd term reading which will be provided for you.In addition to plus 14 or 15 scholarly secondary sources. I will be providing a list of secondary sources for you as well. For these secondary sources you can use a combination of the ones I have provided and sources of your choice that may not be on my list but you should use at least some of the if not all. In other words the 2 required sources from the term readings are the main sources that you should refer to the most within the assignment but the 14/15 secondary sources are optional for you to choose from the list I will provide or your choices.

*Note that you need to be quoting and referring to each f these sources within the text body (try to use as much quotes and references as possible) and provide full bibliography of them at the end.

*Please provide an outline and attach it for me before starting the paper

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