It might be at the individual level or at a larger level all the way to a global level of the way of thinking. The vitality of psychological aspects of thinking and mindset cannot be denied in any circumstances. For that matter, it becomes important to understand the process of changing one’s own mind as well as the minds of others around in the debate at hand. While considering the generalized scenario, several examples from the history of the world throw light on the importance and outcomes of the way in which thinking of a group of people was modified by their leaders. In times of war and peace, political leaders have been inspiring and motivating their people and thus obtaining great results. But this is only possible through the vigilance of the part of the one influencing the change because bringing a change is never an easy task. Not only in the political field, but in every walk of life, the crucial nature of this aspect of the human mind cannot be ignored. Through folklore, poetry, prose, and teachings of important public figures, revolutions can be brought in the lives of people. For that matter, it is important to discuss in a concise fashion, what the author tries to explain in his piece of work.

As one goes through the book, it becomes evident that the author, Howard Gardner belongs to the ‘constructivist’ school of thought in the seat of American Psychology. The ideas and beliefs of the author tend to differ from those of other more traditional psychologists and this fact has been proved several times at various points in the book under consideration. The views based on this angle point towards the belief that a person’s understanding of and beliefs about any matter should be based on his own experience and should be weighed instead of taken for granted from an already decided set of rules.

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