The most effective means of bringing stakeholders together to discuss the project is holding the kickoff meeting. It is an efficient means of beginning the planning process. It can be used to start creating trust among the team members and make sure that every member’s idea is taken into consideration.

Krieger & Saunders (24), assert that in the project plan, the scope statement is arguably the most significant document. It is the basis of the rest of the project plan. It describes the project and used to obtain the common agreement among the stakeholders in regard to the scope.

Deliverables are supposed to be developed into a work breakdown structures (WBS), which is the breakdown of all of the deliverables in the project, once they are confirmed in the scope statement. The scope baseline, therefore, formed by this deliverable WBS.

You can create the steps that will be taken by the team to manage variances to this plane once the scope, schedule, and cost baselines have been developed. All these management plans usually comprise of a review and approval procedure for modifying the baselines.

Project quality comprises of making sure that the end product is one that the sponsor and major business experts actually want to use as well as meeting the clients’ specifications. A project risk, on the other hand, refers to an event that may or may not happen, though could have a significant impact on the results of a project it was to happen.

Developing a scope statement is the most difficult process to perform because it is the foundation for the rest of the project. If you develop a wrong scope statement, then the entire project will not be successful thus, needing more attention and skills when working on this stage.

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