Societal members dictate deviant behaviors. In this assignment, you will create a PowerPoint Presentation covering the different theories of deviant behavior. Consider how the theories impact definitions and perceptions of normal and abnormal behaviors.Outcomes

  1. Identify different definitions of deviance (A, C)
  2. Differentiate the positivist theories of deviance (B)
  3. Compare and contrast the different positivist theories (B)
  4. Apply the positivist theories to deviant behavior (B)
  5. Differentiate the constructionist theories of deviance (B)
  6. Compare and contrast the different constructionist theories (B)
  7. Apply the constructionist theories to deviant behavior (B)


Create an 8-10-slide presentation about the theories of deviance. Include the following in your presentation:

  • Explain the major approaches to deviance: Positivist Theories of deviance include the Anomie-strain Theory, Social Learning Theory and Control Theory.
  • Constructionist Theories of deviance focus on the Labeling Theory, Phenomenological Theory or Conflict Theory.
  • Describe two specific examples of deviant behaviors that fit for each theory.
  • Detailed speaker notes that represent what would be said if giving the presentation in person. Place speaker notes in the “notes” second under each slide.
  • A title page, reference page, and citations.
  • At least three scholarly sources.