Question 1

Visit the healthcare data breaches website, select one health information data breach that occurred, or a topic dealing with data breaches. The news post must be within the last 6 years.

Discuss the article/podcast to include: the situation that occurred (or main topic of the post), how this occurred (if known) along with possible strategies to prevent re-occurrence.  Also include the title and link to your specific NPR story.

Question 1 (pick one question)

(a).COVID has changed the way the world will look at telehealth. Will the increased use of telehealth technology be viewed as dehumanizing patient care or will it be viewed as a means to promote contact with health providers for consumers who are geographically isolated from face to face care. What resistance might be met and how can it be overcome?

(b). Consider a recent patient care scenario and describe how it was or could have been managed using telehealth. What training and equipment would be needed?

(c). After sharing information about the e-intensive care unit concept to a nurse who is new to the setting, the nurse asks how the system can affect the quality and improve safety of patient care. How should you respond?

Question 3

Healthcare systems have varying policies regarding the use of smartphones and mobile computing devices in the clinical setting. Do you believe that smartphones have a place in the clinical setting? What guidelines, if any, should be put in place? Are the guidelines in place enforced in your clinical setting (work or school clinicals)? Please provide support for your response.

NOTE: Use APA style