Scenario #3

Maria was 33 years old and lived in the mountains of Peru. For some time, she had not been feeling well. She often had a fever, was coughing a lot, and had night sweats. Maria had tuberculosis (TB) earlier and worried that this might be TB again. Maria was correct. In fact, this time she had drug-resistant TB, which would be difficult and expensive to treat and might not be curable. When Maria was sick the first time, she started her prescribed 6 months of treatment. However, because she felt much better after the first 2 months of drugs, she did not take the rest of them.


Determinants of Health

1.  Explain how the person ended up with the health problem, while including the risk factors for the condition.

2.  Describe the social and economic determinants of health for the scenario


  1. Provide a thoughtful and complete initial response that is a minimum of two to three paragraphs
  2. In your responses, three references either material in the book or an external source to support your point.

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Textbook Title: Global Health 101

Edition #: 4th

Author: Richard Skolnik

Publisher: Jones and Bartlett Learning

Year: 2019