Write a menu-driven program that helps the project manager capture the details related to each project, project owner,
company, student personal details and student preferences, in separate files. There should be an additional menu option
to shortlist projects based on student preferences. Note, there can be multiple project owners from the same company
and multiple projects by the same project owner. This program should perform appropriate error checking and input
validation by validating all user inputs (Your program should not crash at any time because of invalid inputs).
A. Add Company
B. Add Project Owner
C. Add Project
D. Capture Student Personalities
E. Add Student Preferences
F. Shortlist Projects
A. Add Company
The details related to the company should include a unique company ID, company name, ABN number, company
URL and address. The company details added should be saved to the file companies.txt.
B. Add Project Owner
The details captured by each project owner (contact person) should include first name, surname, a unique project
owner ID (of the form Own1, …), role (such as software engineer), email and the ID of the company the project
owner represents (of the form C1, …) The project owner details added should be saved to the file owners.txt.
C. Add Project
The details captured for each project should include a title, a unique project ID (of the form pr1, …), brief
description (one line), ID of the project owner (of the form Own1, …) and the ranking of the skills sought after for
the project (4 being the highest and 1 the lowest) in the 4 different technical specialization (Skills) at MRIT
university shown in the table below. The project details added should be saved to the file projects.txt.

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