The enterprise supply chain consists of numerous business processes that are best broken down into the four mega processes previously covered. This exercise on SAP navigation will help familiarize you with the SAP system and how SAP supports these business processes. The exercise will cover navigating in SAP, utilizing the search function, and other basic functions that will prove useful when looking for key metrics to help measure the performance of your supply chain. If you are already familiar with SAP, it will be a good refresher.

Please respond to each of the questions associated with this assignment. These assignments are related to topics discussed in the textbook and they also serve as integrated learning tools covering materials across several chapters.

The deliverables comprise 1) tasks performed on the system and 2) answers to questions given in the exercise document.
You will be given access to SAP system to perform system tasks.
Please read through each step carefully before you proceed. You are required to go through the mentioned steps in order to complete the assignment and answer all the questions in the form.
1. How many black Deluxe Touring Bikes do you have in stock in the Dallas plant?
2. How many black Deluxe Touring Bikes do you have in stock in the Heidelberg plant?
3. How many black Deluxe Touring Bikes do you have in stock in the DC Miami plant?
4. Identify the first customer that populates in the list for Global Bike. Follow the menu path: Logistics -> Sales and Distribution -> Master Data -> Business Partner -> Customer -> Display -> Complete (Hint: Click on the field Customer and press F4. Then enter your unique identifier (###) and click enter). What is the name of the first customer that is in the customer list?
For this assignment, refer to the exercises in the given document:

o Intro_ERP_Using_Global_Bike_Navigation_course_en_v3.2.pdf

o 02_Navigation_HELP.docx
Here are the guidelines on how to get started with SAP, access SAP, download the GUI, and get ready to complete the assignments:


Before you begin, you need to install SAP GUI on your PC or MAC. To install SAP GUI for MAC, refer to the below guidelines.

o SAP GUI for MAC Users
Here is information about Global Bike Inc.including their background and an overview of their strategy and operations:

o Intro_ERP_Using_Global_Bike_SAP_slides_en_v3.2.pdf
o Intro_ERP_Using_Global_Bike_Story_en_v3.2.pdf
If you are using the web version of SAP, not the GUI version, you might have issues seeing icons, etc. In order to use the GUI version, you have to download and install SAP on your laptop or desktop. Students can download the GUI easily, for Mac or PC.
Reminder that whenever you see “###” replace this with the last three numbers of your logon ID. For example, if your logon ID is GBI-055, then replace ### with 055.

You will be assigned a unique three-digit identifier. This identifier is used in all exercises to uniquely identify your data. Whenever you see ### in these exercises, replace it with your identifier: SAP ID= LEARN-024

Use the following credentials to log in:
System: Stockholm
Client: 405
User ID: LEARN-024
Password: student (all lowercase)

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