The rubric is also attached………Utilizing your selected organization, answer the following questions in a 2-3 page paper according to theguidelines provided. Consider the implications of adult learning theories and how you would apply theseimplications to instructional design for your selected organization. Identify factors that will facilitate transfer of training in your selected organization.To successfully complete the Assignments, the following are the minimum requirements: Complete a 2-3 page paper (2-3 content pages) in APA format and citation style, Times NewRoman font style, 12 pt. font size, double-spaced, and the first line of each paragraph indented5 spaces. Include a title, page, in-text citations, and reference list. Include an introductory paragraph (at least 5 sentences), a body, including your analysis andrecommendations (several paragraphs), and a concluding paragraph (at least 5 sentences). Demonstrate your understanding of the information presented in the weekly readingassignments by defining terms, explaining concepts, and providing detailed examples toillustrate your points. Include frequent references to your reading assignments or other valid and reliable sources ofinformation to reinforce and support your own thoughts, ideas, and statements. Limit the use of direct quotations – instead, paraphrase and cite the author’s work. Cite a minimum of three sources.For help on APA format and citation style please visit the Kaplan Writing Center found under theAcademic Tools tab in the class.Assignment Checklist:1. Discuss adult learning theory and its application.2. Identify factors that will facilitate transfer of training in your selected organization.

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