Department of English –  Prof. Banks

ENGL 1301

Summary/Response/Narrative  Essay  #1 –

Due Sept.29 on D2L


Writing Schedule:


Aug. 25 – Overview of essay format and articles

Sept.1-  Select and annotate one of the assigned articles in text /Summary draft

Sept. 8- Research articles due/ 2 additional articles/Review Summary section/Sections II& III draft

Sept.15 – Sections I-VI revisions due/ Draft due – review sections Summary and 3 evidences/reasons

Sept. 22- Final drafts due- check citations/format/requirements

Sept. 29 – Essay #1 due on D2L


Writing Process:

  • Select one of the designated articles; read it and annotate it.

The annotations should identify the main points of each paragraph and identify the divisions of the article. Also identify information that is the thesis, reasons, evidence,  history, definition, examples, proposal, etc..

  • Outline the article and write a summary ( 1-1 1/2 typed page).
  • Based on the author’s thesis, develop your thesis by agreeing or disagreeing with the author’s. Develop three major reasons with researched evidence to support your thesis.Use a personal experience in at least one of your reasons.
  • Obtain two other articles by different authors on the same topic . Information from these articles are to be used in your argument/reasons sections as evidence.
  • Create a proposal regarding what action should be taken regarding the topic of the article.



Requirements: The essay should be in the 6-section format :

  • Introduction (bibliographic information (author, title, publication, date publication), author’s thesis, rhetorical situation, your thesis)

The article entitled “……..” was written by ____full name_________ and was published in _title______ on ___date____.  Stevens argues/contends   that……… He wrote this article in response to ……. .  I agree/disagree with Stevens’ thesis because ____, ____, and ____.



  • Summary section (1- 1 1/2 page) (summarize the main points of the article, in the order of the article; discuss major points, terms, examples, research; use transitionals between sections – In the introduction….In the third section…In the concluding section…(Baxter).

EX: Stevens’ article can be divided into _four_ sections. In the introduction., he discusses….  In the next section, Stevens provides research…. In the third section…In the following section……The author concludes….

Transitionals + subject and verbs (discusses, presents, explains, provides, proposes)

No direct quotes in summary.


3) Reason #1 ( ¾-1 page) (A major reason (your thesis) is …)

4) Reason #2 (3/4- 1 page) (Another reason is …)

5) Reason  #3 (3/4 -1 page) (A final reason is…..)

6)Conclusion (min. ½ page) (develop a proposal to address the issue; discuss the projection/outcome of the proposal). (In conclusion, …(restate thesis).  A major proposal to address the issue is ……….   If this proposal is implemented, the projected result would be ….)

The essay should also include the following:

  1. The essay is to be type-written, 12-font, 4-5 typewritten pages.
  2. The essay must be based on one of the articles listed below.
  3. Two other articles by different authors on the same topic are to be used in the discussion.
  4. The essay is to follow MLA formatting and documentation.







Topic selections:  Select one of the following articles for the basis of your essay:

    1. ”Offensive Speech is Free Speech…”, Stephen L. Carter
    2. “Don’t Believe Facebook: The Demise of The Written Word…”. Michael Hiltzik
    3. “Who Are You Calling Underprivileged?”, Natasha Rodriguez
    4. “The Careless Language of Sexual Violence,” Roxanne Gay
    5. “If Black Lives Matter, So Do Historically Black Colleges and Universities,”  Andre Perry
    6. Our 21st- Century Segregation: We’re Still Divided by Race,” Reniqua Allen
    7. “Remember, No One Is Coming to Save Us,”  Roxanne Gay
    8. “Indian mascots – you’re out”, Jack Shakely
    9. “When School Is Online, the Digital Divide Grows Greater” – Klint Finley
  • “Technology’s Effect on Social Behavior,” Hailey New
  • “Beware Conspiracy Theories on Coronavirus,” Julie Anderson
  • “Friending: The Changing Definition of Friendship in the Social Media Era,” Joyce Xinran Liu























A Summary And Response Essay on “…title of article…”





















Proofreading Checklist:

  1. title page (see template included)
  2. margins
  3. paragraphs
  4. required sections of the essay
  5. topic sentences
  6. organization of discussion/ required discussion
  7. direct quotes  ( According to the Brookings Institute, “ The main cause…..” (Walker).

The evidence proves that “ the rare cases of …..”(Davis).

  1. in-text citations
  2. works cited page
  3. required resources
  4. spelling/mechanics (fragments, run-ons, abbreviations, subject-verb agreement, plural, possessive, verb form
  5. name format – first reference use person’s full name; any following reference, use only last name    (  In 2012 Dr. Cornell West made a speech…….. In the speech, West claimed that…..)
  6. verb tense-

present tense-   when discussing what the author is discussing in the section

past tense-   when discussing the events/information in the article

EX:   Walker argues that…….  She presents the department’s study that surveyed thousands of

















                                                                        Works Cited Sample


Burden, Arnold, and Andrew Safer. The Dramatic Life of a Country Doctor: Fifty Years of Disasters and

Diagnoses. Nimbus Publishing, 2011.

Lerner, Leonard. Miracle at Springhill. Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1960.

Lunsford, Andrea et al. Everything’s An Argument with Readings. 6th ed. Boston: Bedford/St.Martin’s,


Mann, David. “Tour a Mine, Springhill Miners’ Museum.” Nova Scotia, Tourism Nova Scotia, 14 March


“Miner.” Encyclopedia Britannica Online, Encyclopedia Britannica Inc., 2019,  [Reference source-dictionary/encyclopedia]


– MLA Format



Page sample entries:

Note: alphabetical, indentation, information order and format




In-Text citation samples:

Note a paraphrase citation and a direct quoted citation.


Buildings shook, telephones went dead (Prairie View A&M University), and seventy-three miles away seismographs at Dalhousie University” (Mann) .   …..registered the movement as a small earthquake  (Lunsford et al  289).  Shortly after the first group of trapped miners was rescued (“Miners”), The Ed Sullivan Show, America’s most popular network program, invited the miners and their wives to appear on air to “commemorate the heroism of the individual” (Burden and Safer 169).


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