Marketing Plan

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This week you will continue your comprehensive marketing
plan researching the SAME company that you researched in previous units. Again,
utilizing the CSU Online Library, you will research the various elements of the
marketing plan as it relates to this company. In Unit IV you will provide a
comprehensive discussion of the products and/or services provided by your


This section will provide a comprehensive look at the
products, product lines, and services that are offered by your company. This
will include discussions about the quality of the product/service and other
additions such as warranties, installation, service plans, or unique packaging
features that are included with the product (if pertinent). Include a
discussion of whether your company’s products/services would be considered
business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B).Branding is also
considered a part of the product offering, thus a discussion of the branding
efforts associated with your company and the importance of said branding in the
overall product offering should be included. Within this discussion, review the
positioning strategy of your company.

Competitive Advantage

A competitive advantage is an important goal of every
company, address whether your company has a competitive advantage WITH RESPECT
TO PRODUCT. The idea is to discuss whether your company has a competitive

BBA 3201, Principles of Marketing 4

with respect to their product offering and the attributes
associated with product as discussed above. Competitive advantage with respect
to promotion, place, and pricing will be discussed in later sections of the
marketing plan. Once you have stated your position, remember to include your

Your submission should be a minimum of two pages in length,
double-spaced with a reference page and title page. References should include
at least one additional, credible reference beyond the textbook. All sources
used must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying
citations and cited per APA guidelines. Include the use of subheadings (this
week consider using Product and Competitive Advantage in Product).

(You used Procter & Gamble Marketing Plan)

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