Your assignment is to write a paper explaining how you would investigate this crime. You will answer the following questions:

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  • What questions would you ask of Mr. Smith during this interview?
  • What documentation would you collect as evidence in this case?
  • When would you seek to interview Mr. Dume in relationship to this investigation?
  • Would you interview other people in relationship to this case?
  • Who will you contact to assist in the investigation?
  • When would you elect to interview Mr. Dume, and what possible charges would you bring against him?
  • How would you help the victim of the crime?

Finally, discuss the psychological impact of being a victim of this crime? Why are people reluctant to report this type of victimization?

Your paper should be a minimum of three full pages in length, utilizing proper APA style. You are not allowed to number your responses to coincide with the directions. Standard paragraph format is required for this assignment.

You may use your textbook as a source; however, you are required to have two (2) additional sources in addition to your textbook. Your resources must be evenly distributed in the paper. If you use policies or resources from a law enforcement agency that you work for, the information must be documented as a resource. The potential exists that you may have several different types of references, and you are required to have them documented and cited using proper APA style in this assignment.

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