Use the Vendor Product Options spreadsheet that you utilized for your midterm and complete the following. You will update your .xlsx document titled Vendor Product Options v2

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  • Add a new tab labeled options. The firm has given you $4,000 to spend. The sky is the limit! If you see anything that stands out to you as an important product that has not been included in the previous assignments, add it.
  • Create Budget 1 and Budget 2. Select items from the tabs on the BCIS Data Sheet totaling $4,000 for both scenarios
  • Defend your choices from both budgets, and indicate which you think would provide the most value to the firm.

part 2:

Select a device or an application that you use regularly. Develop a problem-solving checklist that contains at least 10 questions that analysts can use to diagnose incidents customers may encounter when using the selected technology.

Please make sure you submit this assignment in a Word document and in APA formatting

Part 3:

Your team leader wants you to help prepare a presentation aimed at convincing the service desk manager to invest in remote admin software. Prepare three slides that show the tangible and intangible benefits of remote admin software to customers, the service desk team, and level two service providers. (Hint: Refer to the section “Technical Writing Best Practices” in Chapter 4 for practical tips and techniques for writing with lists and being consistent.) (THIS is the 4th attachment)

Please make sure you submit this assignment in a Power Point.

Part 4 Review the file entitled “BCIS Data Sheet.” (This is the 3rd attachment )Click on the ThinkCentre tab and submit screen shots of the sheet with the following conditions:

Filter by:

  • m800z 21.5″ AIO System
  • DVD Recordable
  • Under $1,000, Topseller

Then sort by price, lowest to highest, take a screen shot, and submit

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