The summary (approximately 700 words) should contain a brief synopsis of the topic and focus of the paper and the methodology and results of the paper. It should be accurate, concise, and clear. A reader who is unfamiliar with the area should, upon reading the summary, understand the purpose and outcomes of the study, without recourse to other materials. It should not just be a lengthier regurgitation of the original abstract.
1.Topic and focus
Provide some brief background to the study
Identify the rationale
Summarise the aims and hypotheses
2. Methods & findings
Summarise the methodology (sample, design, measures/procedure, data analysis strategy)
Outline the key findings
Summarise the main conclusions (take home message)
Critical evaluation (1300 words): Provide a critique of the paper. This involves identify strengths & weaknesses of the study and make recommendations for how it could be improved
Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the paper
Backed up by reasoned arguments & evidence
Aspects you could consider include:
Was there a strong rationale underpinning the study?
Were the methods used appropriate? Pro’s/con’s?
Were the findings clear?
Did they use the appropriate analysis strategy?
Were conclusions valid or is there another way to interpret findings?
How could the study be improved?
Why? What evidence is there to back up your suggestions?
Provide detailed justification of named strengths, weaknesses and recommendations with reference to empirical research to support your claims.
Demonstrate knowledge of related research (by citing additional published papers accurately).

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