What are the recent trends and developments in the online consumer prescription industry, specifically in the digital market. In NOT LESS THAN 1200 Words, ensure that you pay special attention to the online pharma industry while including examples from relevant pharma companies (At least 6 Examples Should be Highlighted and Explained Expansively). Also, Be sure to include relevant case studies, infographics, and stats that give an emphatic support to the topical question. Main Focus should be in the US, but you can include supporting examples from Europe, Asia and other parts of the world with literate not older than 6 years.
The answer needs to be submitted within 2 hours, should be over 1200 words, include insights, a methodology of how you arrived at your answer and sources that you used. The body should be elaborative, including relevant statics to prove your answer (sources and statistics should not be older than 6 years). Note that sources such as Wikipedia are not accepted for this job.

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