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Evidence based practice is heavily utilized within the healthcare system as it “provides the highest quality and most cost-efficient patient care possible” (Chrisman, Jordan, Davis & Williams, 2014). Evidence-based practices come from research and current questions that are answered in research. It is noted how the goal for 2020 is that 90% of nursing practice be evidence based which means that nurses “must be proficient in evaluating various types of evidence based practice research because they provide effective, proven rationales for nursing actions” (Chrisman, Jordan, Davis & Williams, 2014).

It is noted how the United States is currently utilizing evidence-based practice at 15%. One barrier that may be hindering nursing from achieving this goal includes insufficient time to implement any new nursing practices or evidence-based practices (Zeb, et al., 2018). This is a hard barrier to address in order to meet specific goals because often times our days as nurses are just busy and we do not have time at work to sit and look up the latest research or evidence-based practice on nursing practices in our specialties. The best way this can be achieved is having a great educator that is constantly updating the unit on specific evidence-based practices for that specific department. My current hospital educator and directors are quite great with updating our whole staff on the latest evidence-based practices which assists us in being the most up to date in our nursing practice. Another barrier includes unsupportive administration to implement evidence-based practices. I believe that this barrier will vary in hospitals and departments just based on the management team. One way that this can change is to ensure that the management team is a supportive and assistive team who wishes to practice the best nursing practice before taking a job. I had one job at one facility where the management of that unit was not helpful and was not resourceful which ended up causing me to leave (what I thought was going to be my dream job in the ICU) and find another hospital facility to where I currently work. My current management team is very supportive of evidence-based practice and always send out the most current treatment plans for the needs of our patients.

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