What considerations should be made when designing a DNS namespace for a large enterprise? Think beyond the technology per se (i.e., consider security, maintainability, future business mergers, etc.). What mistakes might make long-term maintenance of the DNS namespace difficult? Cite a hypothetical example to support your answer. NTFS “disk quotas” and FSRM quotas are implemented and function differently. Describe and evaluate the differences between NTFS disk quotas and FSRM quotas. How does each determine usage? Why might an organization choose to use one over the other? Assume you have been tasked to explain the need for Group Policy in your organization. Describe how your organization (or an organization about which you have knowledge) can benefit from implementing Group Policy. Provide examples and elaboration in your answer. What are the most important differences between IPv4 and IPv6? Do you think IPv6 will run into the same issues such as security, quality and IP address allocations as IPv4? Why or why not? Assume you were recently hired by an organization and were surprised to learn that the organization still runs IPv4. When you suggested to management that IPv6 should be used, your manager tasked you to present to management the benefits of moving to IPv6 as well as limitations of IPv4. Describe the presentation you would make, stating and explaining each of your arguments.

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