You must be familiar with “Billy Budd” and at least a few of the other short stories. However, I can provide some of the other stories and billy Budd if necessary.

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Answer to the questions below does not need to be more than a couple of pages. Even 4-5 decent paragraphs would suffice as long as the question is answered. In text citations are not needed unless direct quoting.

Which of the critical readings in the Norton Critical Edition did the most to enlarge your understanding of “Billy Budd”? How so? Which, if any, of the critical readings did you find yourself disagreeing with, and what, in your view, do they get wrong about the story?

Melville, Billy Budd, Sailor

McCall, Melville’s Short Novels: selections by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Robert Cover,Hershel Parker, Paul Bergman and Michael Asinow, Tom Goldstein, Carolyn Karcher,
Joyce Adler, Mervyn Cooke, Robert Martin, Ann Douglas, Thomas Mann, Albert
Camus, Thomas Scorza, Gordon Teskey, Hannah Arendt, Pauline Kael, and Newton

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