Our first presentation requires that you share something musical about yourself, regardless of whether or not you are a musician. I would like you to talk about your favorite music. As far as you can, describe the features of the music (style, instrumentation, character, etc.), how the music impacts you or affects you and why, the uses of this music in your daily life, etc.

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And since this music is important to, you will need to explain why you feel this way. If you feel that the music is important in the larger picture (i.e., had influence on other music), then talk about this, as well. You do not have to restrict yourself to only one kind of music but could talk about more than one style. Many of you like both classical and popular music. For example, your reasons for liking a certain kind of music might have sentimental value or might be because you have other activities associated with it, such as dancing, studying, meditating, or something along these lines. If you are a musician, then a piece of music, the music of a certain composer or band, or a certain style could have served as an important influence on your musical taste or growth. Although the assignment is open-ended, it allows you the freedom to explore.

Mozart Symphony #40 in G Minor, K 550 – 1. Molto Allegro

-Based on this music, I need to write about why I like this music. I like this music because it helps me to relax and calm in the morning, also it helps me to focus on studying when I listen to classic music. My mom use to always put on classic music during the morning and I was inspired from it. Also, when I’m feeling stressed, I listen to this music while I’m in the bath. It helps me to think better. This is one of my reason and I want you to elaborate on this. 200 words are ok.

Slow Motion – KARINA

-This is second music genre pop. This song has a lot of meaning to me. This is the music that I was introduced by my first girl-friend. At that time, we were both young but she really changed my life. I really loved her and whenever I feel depressed or feeling sentimental, I listen to this music. It brings happy memories that I had when I was a teenager. This is one of my reason and I want you to elaborate on this. Same 200 words please.

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