Write 16 pages thesis on the topic development of urban civilization and form. As a type of community, the city may be regarded as a relatively stable awareness of population, together with its “varied environments, social arrangements, and supporting activities, occupying a more or less discrete site, and having a cultural importance that differentiates it from other types of human settlement and association. In its elementary functions and rudimentary characteristics, however, a city is not clearly distinguishable from a town or even a large village.” (Britannica, 2006)

It was no accident that the earliest of man’s fixed settlements originated in the rich “subtropical valleys of the Nile, the Tigris, the Euphrates, the Indus, and the Yellow Rivers or in such well-watered islands as Crete.” Such regions gave encouraging ecological issues making town living comparatively simple.

Pre-urban growths that covered the means for urban life also comprised such features as “traditionalism, a power structure, and a form of economic as well as social organization.” Traditionalism put in the reception and broadcast of what had worked in the existence of the crowd and was consequently “right” and to be kept. New value directions and beliefs may also have influenced the route of urbanization, although their significance is still extremely speculative. Before 1800, improvements in agricultural and manufacturing methods had allowed a remarkable attentiveness of creative activity close to the sources of mechanical power-water and coal. A subsequent association of population was hastened by the excellence of the steam engine and the dominance of the factory over pre-industrial business association. Under provisions of “belt-and-pulley” authority broadcast, urban application was a means of:

(1) Reducing the costs of conquering resistances in transportation and communications and

(2) Maximizing interior monetary systems of extent and outside economies.

A strange convergence of profitable, geographic, and technical issues in Britain guided to far-reaching transforms in such planned movements as textiles, transport, and iron, even though the educational and social requirements for industrialization were not exclusively present in any one nation,. Britain became “the workshop of the world” and London its “head office.” (Britannica, 2006)

Urban Planning

Urban planning and redevelopment is planned at satisfying communal and financial purposes that go further than the corporal shape and arrangement of buildings, streets, parks, utilities, and other parts of the urban environment. Urban planning takes effect principally during the procedures of administration and needs the relevance of specialized methods of “survey, analysis, forecasting, and design.” It may hence be expressed as a public society, as a legislative utility, or as a scientific career. Each feature has its own thoughts, narration, and theories. Together they blend into the attempt of contemporary civilization to figure and progress the surroundings within which growing amounts of civilization squander their lives: the city.

For several centuries throughout the middle ages, there was small structure of cities in Europe.

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