Write 2 pages thesis on the topic odani motohiko, sp2 new born (viper a), mixed media in acrylic case (paraffin, steel, reinforced plastic fibers), 2007. Art Critique Critique of the Odani Motohiko SP2 New Born This is an excellent piece of art work that was made in February, 2011. This piece of work is designed in a manner that it elicits different reactions from various audiences. Basically it appears as modern sculpture. Some people may argue that it is appears as a digital animation owing to the fact that it is white and appears to have been made from plastic-like material that have been exhibited in most animated elements.

A careful analysis of the Odani Motohiko may also lead to a conclusion that this piece of work is basically a photograph. The presentation of the document occurs in what appears to be a glass-like material. however, some people may argue that it is a drawing surrounded with a frame.

The first picture that comes to one’s mind when he/she comes in contact with the Odani Motohiko SP2 New Born is a picture of a sea-horse. To some people, the actual message sent by this piece of art is quite unclear. This has made led to some criticism arguing that Odani Motohiko has answers “hanging in the air”.

It is quite challenging to determine the kind of material used to create this piece of work. This may require an analysis that entails engaging in a physical contact with the art. However, generalized arguments may conclude that it is made from plastic materials or even refined clay soil. Many questions may be elicited when one comes in contact with this piece of work i.e. questions revolving around time, human facets fear et cetera. The artist claims that this piece of work creates a sense of futuristic feeling among viewers. The art also brings a sense of movement, uniqueness, dynamism, transformation as well as speed in the field of art.

Research has shown that the field of art and sculpture was almost “dying”, the essence of the sculpture seems to be regenerated by the Odani Motohiko. In this regard, it seems that the Odani Motohiko brings a fresh look in the history of culture through evolution of the manner by, which sculptures are created i.e. through modern technology, presentation and the kinds of sense they elicit.

It is also apparent that the art takes a dimension of modern piece of art work. To begin with, the materials used are contemporary i.e. steel, plastics et cetera. There is also a modern sense of presentation. it basically entails using modern mode of lighting, painting as well as storage. This may lead to a conclusion that this piece of art lacks historical continuity hence differentiating it from other pieces of ancient art work.

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