A new constitution was introduced by Leftist Dr. Rómulo Betancourt and the Democratic Action Party who won a majority of seats in a constituent assembly. Rómulo Gallegos, who was the famous writer, became the first president in 1947 who was elected democratically for the first time in Venezuela. A military coup takes over the government within eight months, by demolishing Gallegos rule. Venezuela has been considered as one of the most established demos created a state in Latin America after the ousted of Marco Marcos Peréz Jiménez in 1958. Betancourt ruled from 1959–1964, and Rafael Caldera Rodríguez was the president from 1969 to 1974. 1

Venezuela has always faced the problematic situation in its politics. it has always been conquered by the martial coup its timeline shows the major changes from 1498 to till date. In 1498-99 Christopher Columbus and Alonso de Ojeda visit Venezuela, Spanish colonization begins on the north-east coast in 1521. In 1749 Venezuela faced first rebellion against Spanish colonial rule. In 1810 – Venezuelan patriots took advantage of Napoleon Bonaparte’s invasion of Spain to declare independence. independence act was signed in 1811. In 1829-30 Venezuela became an independent republic with its capital at Caracas after secedes from Gran Colombia. In 1870-88 – foreign investment modernizes infrastructure and develops agriculture and education were attracted during the government of Antonio Guzman Blanco. Ports were blockaded by British, Italian and German warship because Venezuela didn’t repay loans in 1902. In 1908-35 Venezuela became the largest oil exporter in the world. In 1958 – the Democratic presidential election was won by Admiral Wolfgang Larrazabal ousts Marcos Perez Jimenez. leftist Romulo Betancourt of the Democratic Action Party (AD).

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