Write 8 pages thesis on the topic piaget’s cognitive development theory. Through this process, an unconscious awareness of the difference between the body-self and the environment is conditioned in infancy through exploration. The trial and error process that characterizes environment exploration, operant conditioning, and memory is variable in the family or community environment. Still, the social role and operational ability represent a different level of complexity residing in the learned rules and codes of conduct of the social conditioning rather than the environmental exploration period. The Me-I dialectic reflects the epistemological function in human development when the self is seen as forming or becoming defined through knowledge verification. Epistemology is also used in self-knowledge valuation when applied to social roles by the individual in the adolescent experience or young adulthood, as this is when the most comprehensive range of community exploration will occur as the individual seeks for definition in social roles.

Social Intelligence refers to different aspects of an individual’s community, group, or personal relationships, such as awareness of the symbolic base and logic of culture, subtle gestures, habits, expectations, or linguistic accents, etc. The majority of these are transmitted as language but differ from alphabetic speech and formal grammar so that there may be multiple languages related to social role identities. Understanding the interplay of the symbolic, subliminal, informal, and cultural languages and their modes of operation is an aspect of semiotic interpretation. Social Intelligence is different from semiotic interpretation related to the community, group, and individual and the complexity of language, meaning, and understanding as reflected in human individuality in operant behavior. Vygotsky’s contribution is to recognize how the social definitions also evolve and change and illustrate how different social and community environments and groups differ in complexity of organization.In human development, the exploration of the natural environment in infancy and early childhood leads to a self-centered personality in the child which becomes more open, tolerant, and respectful of the needs of others through maturation as part of the process of greater socialization that occurs and the adoption of social roles that lead to self-fulfillment or self-realization.

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