Write a 2 pages paper on disscusion. Part Discussion I found this picture very nice, with some very fine details, but some flaws as well. First of all, the picture clearly seems to be from the early 20th century because of many reasons including the old hairstyles of the characters, turkey being served in the dish, and family gathering on the dining table placed inside the home. Today, hairstyles look much different with boys keeping spikes and women having shoulder-length hair and keeping them open. Today, most families dine in open areas like lawns or gardens and have Bar B Que rather than eating roasted turkey. Moreover, today cooking is not reserved for women only. all family members participate and enjoy doing the activity when it comes to special occasions. One flaw in the picture that I notice is that none of the family members except the grandfather is looking at the grandmother or the turkey. Everybody is looking at one another as if there are things more important elsewhere around rather than grandmother or the turkey. which I think is not fine because the grandmother does deserve immense appreciation and honor for doing the family this service. The best part of the picture is the grandfather who has indeed stood up to express his thanks to the grandmother.

Part 2: Response

This was a very wonderful exercise that let me think critically for a while and both appreciate and criticize the various elements of the picture. I liked the concept as a whole. I must say that the picture has preserved the norms and values of the old American family. The concept of family is so integral and fundamental to the cultivation of norms and values in the society that I am amazed how, as a society, could we compromise upon the sustenance of family the way it appears in the picture! Our attempt to be modern has deprived us of the blessings we had in the past including the togetherness, the union, the love and affection among the family members, and most importantly the mesmerizing smell of roasted turkey wafting through the home on Christmas. Even the hairstyles looked so decent and elegant. it seemed like everybody has applied a little oil in the hair to manage that better. Women looked so elegant with hair tied up in a bun. These days, people have gone wild in the name of fashion. Hairs have gone pink and blue and spiky.

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