People with compulsive hoarding may keep even water for prolonged periods because of the fear of a shortage of such items in the future. For example, media reports or articles often point out the possible scarcity of drinking water in near future itself because of our activities of polluting the drinking water resources the major objective of a ch reports may be to educate the people to stay away from activities which pollute water sources. But the person with compulsive hoarding may collect and keep water for prolonged periods based on the above reports. Money is another thing which the people with compulsive hoarding disorder may keep for prolonged periods. The current economic crisis has created much worries and concerns in the minds of the common public and they might have realized the value of money right now. A normal person may analyze the current crisis as a normal phenomenon whereas a person with compulsory hoarding phobia may consider the same issue differently. He will react differently to the current economic crisis by trying to accumulate or save as much as money for the future. The debate over whether compulsive hoarding an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) or not, is still going on among the psychologists because of the following reasons. Unlike most people with OCD, the majority of hoarders do not want help. This fact also happens to make them much more difficult to treat. Medication doesn’t work with Hoarding OCD nearly as well as it does for other types of OCD.

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