Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on The road from West bank to gaza strop is heavily patrolled by Israeli forces that makes it unsafe for Palestinians to cross for basic necessities.Can Israel guarantee that this stretch of land will fall under the Sovereignty of the Palestinian government. It needs to be at least 500 words. of the of the Concerned 18 November 2009 Road from West Bank to Gaza Strip The Israelis, Palestinians and the International community, have seriously deliberated upon the possibility of free commuting for the Palestinians on the road between West Bank and Gaza. Palestinians seek a considerable dilution of the Israeli patrol on the road between West Bank and Gaza because it will allow for a safe and secure movement of the Palestinians between the two constituents of the proposed Arab state. However, in the Israeli context, it is akin to asking for the moon, as the main premise for the heavy Israeli patrol on the given stretch of land is its concern and apprehensions about the possibility of Palestinian infiltrators crossing into the Israeli territory (The Washington Times 1).

In a realistic context, it is pragmatically impossible for Israel to guarantee that this stretch of land will fall under the sovereignty of the Palestinian government. One reason for this dilemma is that though the given road joins the West Bank and Gaza, yet it passes through the Israeli territory along a stretch of roughly 25 kilometer. It is a fact that Israel has already to contend with the problem of Arab infiltrators resorting to retaliatory actions like suicide bombings on its territory. That is why it has resorted to such a concentrated patrolling on this road. Going by the fact that the Palestinian leadership is at present fractured between the factions led by Hamas and Fatah, there exists no single Palestinian authority that can extend a guarantee to Israel and the International Community that this road would not be misused to perpetrate acts of violence against Israel. Besides, it is impossible to expect such a guarantee from Hamas. Hence, under no circumstances Israel can allow for a Palestinian sovereignty on the given road, as such a proposal certainly has the potential of jeopardizing the security of Israeli citizens and assets.

In addition, Israel is quiet concerned about the flow of arms and ammunition to the Arab militants from the Egyptian territory to the Gaza Strip via tunnels (The Washington Times 2). Practically speaking, Israel has been unable to check this transfer of weapons to the militant groups residing in Gaza. Israel is seriously concerned about and apprehensive of the possibility of the smuggling of heavy weaponry like rockets and explosives from Gaza to the West Bank, to be used to commit violence on the Israeli territory, once this road is transferred to the Palestinian control. In the absence of a responsible and credible Palestinian authority that can certify that this road will not be used for tactical purposes, but would be a road of peace, Israel will certainly not submit its control over this road.

At the most, what Israel can do and is actually doing is to allow for a constrained Palestinian movement between West Bank and Gaza. That is why it is resorting to installing barbed fencing, monitoring cameras and check posts to keep an eye on the Arab traffic.

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