Every career is equally challenging, every career is demanding but what makes the difference in nursing is that you make a difference in someone else’s life. I have always had a dream of being a nurse since I was a little girl. I belong to a family where most of my people are into nursing. I have grown up seeing them in this profession and it feels as if I too eat, breathe, and sleep nursing. Having fulfilled my dream as a nurse, I now aspire to become a nurse practitioner in the near future.

The nursing career has a wide variety of choices available to suit different mindsets, interest and personal skills (Kentucky). It also has plenty of oppurtunities today for specialization and career advancements. Nursing requires life-long learning as new challenges confront the medical profession everyday. Hence, I am committed to go in for advanced education and training in the diagnosis and management of common medical conditions including chronic illnesses. I would thus be able to provide a broad range of service as do physicians. I feel committed to it and I would maintain close working relations with the physicians.

Nursing involves working with people and I have always been good at it. I love interacting with people. Besides, I have compassion for people and I feel overwhelmed when patients are unable to pay the medical bills. I love holistic healing and would encourage the patients to draw upon their inner strength. I would them motivate to learn to heal themselves. As a Nurse Practitioner (NP) I would be able to suggest less expensive treatment and inform them about health care. Perhaps I owe these qualities to my mom, because it seems to run in the family. I know being a NP requires individualized care. Prevention, wellness, and patient education have to be top priorities. Experiences, frustrations and contentment, which I can clearly see on my mom and brother’s face, urge me to move ahead in the profession.

Each day comes with a new challenge and requires the skills for strong decision-making (SMC). There are ongoing changes in nursing and the healthcare system. It is demanding on the family life too but in nursing one never gets bored. It is a respectable and a noble profession too despite long hours, emotional load and the health care risks. As a NP I would require tremendous amount of patience, listening skills, I would have to do a lot of counseling, diagnosing and treating acute illnesses. As a NP I would have to deal with the patient’s family and even suggest lifestyle and environment changes. In nutshell, I would love to treat a person holistically. Working at a Community Health Centre, I realize the hardships that patients and their family face. With a holistic approach to health care, I am confident of making a difference to the society, the patients, and their families.

While I draw inspiration from my relatives in the profession and especially from my mom, I also feel inspired by the old Army recruiting slogan, which aptly describes the nursing profession – “The hardest job youll ever love”. (Dordick, 2002). Yes, this profession is full of difficult challenges but the rewards are far more than just a good salary. I truly eat, breathe, sleep nursing, and am confident of pursuing and making my dream to be a nurse practitioner a reality.

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