You will be writing two trifold brochures.

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The topic is “My argument is that men’s and women’s brain are similar according to the brain anatomy and there is no difference in their brain, but the difference is psychological about the way they think.

For my audience I though its could be a couple:

The one that agrees with me: Woman, 28years of age, Bachelor’s degree sicology and she has one child and she works on a non profit organization. This woman raised in a stable family, with her mother and father. She works a full-time job and take care of her kid and also as part of her job she leads a group for teens about realtionship.

In my civic, I will ask this woman to help me educate people at work and her husband.

The one disagrees with me is her husband, he is 28 years old, high school diploma but her works a fulltime job in cars dealer as a sale associate. He didn’t have a good childhood because his mother and father got divorced when he was eight years old. In my civic discourse, I will educate this man, and make him understand his wife.”


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