Need help with my writing homework on Iago’s Influence on Othello. Write a 1250 word paper answering; Iago plays the villain in the play and uses it to poison Othello’s mind (Ribner, 2013). His unique role in the play is to use deception cunningly to destroy the life of Othello. The deception is not visible to Othello because he perceives Iago as smart, excellent, and has a great personality. Iago is seen as a knowledgeable person and uses it to take advantage of Othello. His manipulation starts when he learns that Roderigo has feelings for Desdemona. He disregards the fact that Desdemona is the wife of his best friend, Othello. Iago lets Othello know the extent Roderigo would go to win the love of Desdemona. The revelation sets the tragic play into motion and fills Othello with feelings of jealousy for anyone who tries to woo his wife. Othello does not know that Iago’s intention of creating animosity between him and Roderigo would benefit one party. Iago gets money and jewelry from Roderigo, who has become an archenemy to Othello.

Iago influences Othello to fire Cassio in the position of a lieutenant. Not only does Iago befriend Roderigo but also wins the company of Cassio. Iago aims to use the friendship with Othello, Cassio and Roderigo to plot the death of Cassio. Cassio becomes a blind follower and does not know that there is a plan underway to kill him for someone else to occupy his position as a lieutenant. Iago paints Cassio as an irresponsible and disrespectful man. Iago tricks Cassio to drink to get a chance to disgrace him. The devious schemes of Iago work out well, and Othello dismisses Cassio. Othello is furious that Cassio has a position of integrity in the Venice community but disgraces himself by drinking without sound reasoning. The replacement of Cassio’s lieutenant positions with Iago shows the extent to which jealousy, and deception can damage relationships. Othello has built a wall of trust around Iago and hardly realizes that Iago is against his success. Othello establishes a strong and genuine friendship with Iago and does little to prevent or discover Iago’s evils. The naivety of Othello overcomes his self-assurance and strong leaderships with the friendship of Iago in the background. Iago confirms his intentions when he says, “Rouse him. make after him, poison his delight, proclaim him in the streets. incense her kinsmen” (Act 1 Scene 1:65, p.7).

Iago uses the trust to turn Othello into a jealous man. Hardly does Othello know that Iago evil motives for his marriage. According to Bisti (2015), Othello’s tendency to accept things at face value fuels his jealousy. Iago uses the flaws to turn him against his wife despite being a close friend and advisor to Othello.

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