Need help with my writing homework on Non-pollutant Technologies to Prevent Air-Pollution of Vehicles: Hybrid-Electric and Hydrogen Vehicles. Write a 1250 word paper answering; Though vehicle-exhaust harmful pollutants are terribly dangerous to human health, the concerns about air or atmospheric pollution mainly grow in response to the drastic natural and climatic changes in the world environment. One of such concerns of the scientists and the climatologists about the changes in the environment is ‘global warming’ that is directly resulted from vehicle-emission related air pollution (Dispensa & Brule, 2003, p.87). There are about seven pollutants, such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, Nitrogen Oxides, sulfur dioxides, etc found in vehicle emission. More than half of these pollutants have serious greenhouse effects on nature and directly take part in global warming. Due to the hazardous effects of vehicle emissions on human health and world environment, scientists and technologists have come up with the ideas of a number of non-polluting vehicle technologies that will greatly contribute to the reduction of the vehicle-emission related air pollutions. Present non-polluting technologies primarily pivot on reducing emissions. Two of such pollution-resistant technologies are Hybrid Electric Energy vehicle (HEEV) and Hydrogen fuel Combustion vehicle (HFCV).

Traditional fossil-fuel vehicle pollutions are related to three sectors such as exhaust, evaporation, and refueling emission. While evaporation and refueling pollute the environment by directly mixing the evaporated fuel with the air, the exhaustion related pollutants are produced by combusting and burning the fuels while producing a number of substances that pose great threats to both human health and environment. A study by the US Department of Energy shows that there is a number of pollutant substances produced at different stages of the combustion in a vehicle engine. Whereas most of these pollutants are carcinogenic, greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, etc are responsible for the rise in the temperature of the atmosphere. The carcinogenic substances are mainly responsible for causing cancer in the human body.

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