Create and format your report in a MEMO following the structure described in online readings.

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case: You work for a medium-sized company that has three physical sites within the city. There is usually a significant amount of internal emailing going on every day, and much of it consists of quick comments or responses to questions posed by staff to other staff. Even though the email system is fast, there can be delays in responding. You are convinced that an instant messaging (IM) system or app [e.g. WhatsApp, messenger, snapchat, etc.] would be a good option to get quicker responses. You don’t want IM to replace email but feel it would be a great enhancement and add to productivity. start thinking about the main point of the scenario and identify key factors that you need to address. Plan what information will go into each section of the report as you do this. Research and compile the necessary details, evidence, statistics, etc., that will support your work. Your report cannot simply be what “you” believe is a good response. Although this is a short informal report, the information in your report needs to be verifiable by including valid, reliable, and credible details. Remember to use proper citation when necessary.

World limit: minimum 1000 words.

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